New bulldog in our kennel

Since October 2003, there is a new bulldog, which came to our kennel from the famous Dutch kennel Slaghek; world youth champion AMS 2002, Dutch youth champion, Crufts 2003 -2 nd place Special Yearling Dog, and, today, also an Inter champion, Dutch champion,…

SLAGHEK NIGHT AND DAY – INDY (A healthy, fertile dog with nice ancestors, having all the necessary certificates)

Breeeder: SLAGHEK Kennel


World Winner Junior Amsterdam

INDY’S 6 months in the »Zoja Lucky Eyes« kennel in Slovenia

The kennel, is a fairly new (only five years old) kennel, but a very successful one at exhibiting its bulldogs. So far we have been the winners of 18 Champion titles with 4 bulldogs. After the tragic loss of our multi Ch. Feliks Kolapriver (11 Champion titles) which came to us in October 2003 from a well known kennel v.h.Slaghek where actually all the ancestors of our dogs come from as well, we haven’t been exhibiting a bulldog of our own.

Since the bulldog – junior world winner 02 Slaghek Night and Day – Indy has come to us, he has achieved nice results at ten exhibitions in Slovenia , Austria , Italy , Hungary , Holland and Bosnia and Herzegovina . He has finished the inter Champion, become the Bundessieger of Austria 2003,Netherlands Champion and has open Champions of the countries: Slovenia , Austria , Hungary , and Bosnia and Herzegovina . During this period of time, he has also become the father of a couple of cute little bulldogs. His greatest success was achieved in Ljubljana in March 2004 at the two day CACIB exhibition with 980 dogs competing. He got a CAC, CACIB, BOB from the Austrian judge dr. 0. Schimpf, and won in the FCI II group BOG1from the judge mentioned above, moreover, Indy was chosen as the winner of the day – BODby the Spanish judge J. Sanchez, and a Res.BIS by the Swiss judge H. Muller. Furthermore, a tremendous success for Indy and the kennel is also the two day CACIB in Miskolc in Hungary where he achieved CAC, CACIB, BOB, and BOG 3 on the first day, and CAC, and CACIB on the second day as the only foreign bulldog among 35 competitors from Hungary.

We’re extremely pleased with these results, and we hope for further success of Indy so that he’ll not only promote his breeders and owners, but also make them very proud and happy.

I wish to thank to the v.h.Slaghek kennel – Marieke, Truus, and Leo, and also to the handler in the BIS programme and sponsor best android tv box ebay. We’re proud that Indy’s being exhibited in this part of Europe as well.

Janja & Zoltan